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The Next Hope is a hacker con, put on every other year, in NYC. Hope is an abbreviation for Hackers on Planet Earth. It will bring together hackers and makers from around the world.


  • July 16 - 18 2010


In New York City at the Hotel Pennsylvania


I would like to see NYC some more, meet new people, and have a grand time.


  • Hope Ticket = At the door: $100.00Advance Price: $85.00 [1]
  • Hotel = $129 single, $159 double + 17.25% tax. Less than 2008! Call +12127365000 or 8002238585, ask for HOPE Conference Rate

The Plan

  1. Road trip We can head out stopping by hacker spaces in DC, Phili, and stuff on the way. Spending time in NYC.
    • Taking primarily I-85 from the shop to the hotel, this is about 919 straight one-way. This does not include stops to other hackerspaces.
    • At about 20 miles per gallon, this is roughly 92 gallons of fuel, using the van mileage that Brimstone knows.
    • Price per gallon has been about $2.75, thus $253 will be spent in fuel alone for a single van to drive to NYC and back.
    • Divide this up between 6 passengers and you're looking at a cost per passenger round trip to be ~$42. This should probably be rounded off to $50 incase there's any vehicular repairs due to this almost 2,000 mile trip.
  2. Gray Hound Its like $70 one way and over a day of riding on a bus :/ Round trip is ~$162
  3. Train Trip From Bham to NYC Amtrak is $125. So $250 round trip, on a Train!!!! This might make it hard to stop by other hacker spaces on the way. Unless we take the train to DC and somehow move up the coast from there.
  4. Airplane This is about ~$275 round trip. Brimstone used and it recommended Delta, HSV->ATL->BWI
    • AirTran has round trip for $251 nonstop from HSV->BWI

As far as after we get to DC or NYC:

  • The Bolt Bus apparently has $1 fares, power, wifi, comfy seats, and will stop at DC and Philly. The catch is that we have to reserve weeks in advance.

People Going


  • JimShoe
  • Brimstone
  • Mog
  • CrashCart
  • opticron

Still need to ping CrashCart or JimShoe to confirm:

  • Spacefelix
  • PsychoAU