The Tranquilizer

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Research Phase



The principle of operation is similar to that of a potato gun. You force a lot of pressure into a small area and hope only the projectile goes flying. In this case, the projectile is a hockey puck. The puck will be launched horizontally with spin stabilization effected by roughing up one side of the launch tube and leaving the other smooth.


There are a few different options here.

  1. Use hairspray like a conventional potato gun
    1. I'd rather not go this direction as a fireball might melt some rubber and get the gun all gooey
  2. Use an air compressor
    1. These tend to be a little on the bulky side
  3. Use a disposable CO2 cartrige
    1. Whether this has enough pressure has yet to be seen
  4. Use a reusable paintball compressed air tank (I like this one)
    1. Infinitely reusable and not that big. Could possibly hold several shots worth in a single tank.
    2. Options of what to use for compressed gas (nitrogen, air, CO2)
    3. The connector used for these has an adapter for the disposable CO2 cartriges if they prove to be enough.