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a wearable computer


In Progress: talking to linux.. who is not listening


Since the dawn of time, man has yearned to have computational machinery available to him all-day and all-night. Hence, the Wearable Computer.

I had originally desired to build a wearable out of my then recently purchased Sharp Zaurus SLC1000, however with my Thinkpad tabletPC, I found myself wanting the power and flexibility of the tablet over the portability of the PDA.

On the hardware side of things, I envision my tablet housed in a small messenger bag, with monocular display, earbuds, and Twiddler keyboard. The tiny low-res monocular display will draw much less power than the tablet's screen, but I can still use the full screen if I need it. The Twiddler keyboard allows for one-handed mobile use.

Since monocular displays are still rather expensive, I intend to use Emacspeak as an audio-only interface in the mean time.

I have discovered that attempting to use my tablet whilst moving about (in this case, listening to MP3s) causes the hard drive to complain a lot and die. I have decided to stop using the hard drive. I am currently attempting to boot from USB thumbdrive into a minimal linux system, and only accessing the hard drive very occasionaly.

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