Transparent Wall

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Using a couple of cameras and projectors to show what's going on in an opposite room as if the wall between them wasn't there, or as close to it as possible. The point being to allow a social event to spread out between two or more rooms without isolating any one group.



Materials needed

  • Two projectors
  • Two video cameras
  • Two fish eye lenses
    • Or something similar that will show the bulk of a room from a single perspective.
    • Not concerned with visual distortion.


  • Projectors need to be about midway up the opposite wall that they're projecting onto to ensure maximum image size.
    • Relative to the size of the wall being projected on.
  • Cameras ideally would be positioned middle of the wall being projected on.
    • Seeing as how this is impractical a position high on the wall pointing down over the room is acceptable.
  • Video from the cameras need to go to the projectors in the rooms opposite their location.