Unclaimed Baggage Trip

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Note that information on this page is archival and will be updated once a new trip has been planned.


Airports apparently hold lost or unclaimed baggage for 30 days before they dispose of it however they choose to do so. Since Christmas is one of the busiest travel seasons, we figured Unclaimed Baggage would have a cornucopia of used toys.

We're heading to Scottsboro on the morning of Saturday, February 5th. We'll be heading out from the shop at 10AM, shop for a few hours, and then catch pizza on the way back. We should be home again by 4pm.


  • Driving
    • MrWorld & MsEli
    1. Omegix
    2. Alora (Danielle)
    • Chazz, Sam & Brynley - can hold one 1 more.
    • Brimstone - can hold one more, 3 if they're good friends
    • CrashCart - can hold a total of 8!!
  • Coming, but needs a ride
    • Alii
    • Tuttle
    • Catpants
    • Dickie
    • TEH GREG