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A growing majority of people are blogging, vlogging, and using RSS feeds which is all fine and dandy but no one is really doing anything live with video anymore, with the exception of Justin.tv. The problem with Justin.tv is that it's all live, you blink, go to the bathroom, go to the store, etc you miss it. I want to do this slightly different by doing live broadcasts but providing that stream as a static video file almost immediately afterwards.




mobile camera rig ==> video compression hardware capable of compression on the fly ==> "high bandwidth" cell connection ==> central server setup to record, encode, and rebroadcast with minimal delay ==> end user

I know what you're saying, "how is this any different?" I plan on distributing the content directly to the users via the blogs they already visit and have RSS feeds setup for. To do this I would need an account on the blogs in question, nothing fancy just one to allow posts. A script on the system would detect an incoming stream, login to the blogs, build a post containing an embedded flash video client to play the stream "live", and upon completion of the live event edit the post replacing the flash video client with an embedded flash video of the recorded stream. This would allow people who caught the RSS update to watch the live event and those that missed it to still see what happened.

YouTube might be a possibility for hosting the recording to save on bandwidth for us freeing up the central server to use it all for streaming during live events. This is essentially a very distributed way of broadcasting that I haven't really seen done yet. No website to keep up, lower disk space usage, and the bandwidth is being used for a single dedicated purpose.