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First attempted Design


It seems like IRC, Jabber, Email and RSS are four technologies that are pretty closely related, but no one's built a single client that combines all of these into an easy to use interface. I end up running three or four different programs when just one would work fine.


  • Early Planning
  • Attempted a design for a user interface


  • Client Server model with encrypted connection between them. This allows you to set some connections such as this irc server or that jabber server as Always Connected. You're able to get the full history, back to so many lines, instantly in your main chat window when you connect.
  • Server and Client side scripting. You can run some scripts locally, like "/np" and some scripts remotely, like Away emails.
  • Support for:
    • IRC
    • Jabber/MUC
    • IMAP(s)
    • RSS/Atom
  • Simple configuration, nothing like thunderbird, or maybe exactly like thunderbird.
  • Support for gpg keys on the client side.