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RGB Lights

  • LEGO RGB Nightlite
  • Sculptures made with magnet wire

Interesting LEDs:


I have a Vexplorer with an added wrist joint and tank treads. It's currently sidelined while waiting on new drive motors. The new 393 motors should produce more torque (1.04 vs. 0.73 N*m) and a faster speed (160 vs. 74 RPM) in the high speed configuration. Alternatively in the standard configuration they can provide more torque (1.67 N*m) and still go faster than the old VB-1 motor (100 RPM). The robot has a 2.4GHz composite-output camera system and an RC remote that has on/off control (no analog). It's a lot of fun and most importantly it can fetch beer!

Upgrades under consideration:

  • Microcontroller (arduino probably) control
  • IP camera
  • Mount a tablet for remote presence (at toddler height).

Model train stuff

  • Get 4'x8' sheets of plywood, MDF, and foam insulation to make t-trak modules.
  • Test 3D printing of grain silos.
  • Use IR sensors to track train movement.
  • Use above sensors to automatically calibrate speed tables using JMRI for consisting locomotives.

Knitting and crochet

Projects TBA