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We're going to get along just fine.


IRC bot written in Python (2.6). DickieBot is an experiment in Python and IRC APIs. Once I have a good handle on both, the plan is to make him a permanent fixture in #makerslocal, granted there are no significant objections and he does not become a bother. PM Dickie if you find an exploit or bug.

Current functionality

  • Wiki search: Scrapes the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article to return a summary of the search term
  • Factoids (using a SQL Lite data table)

Future functionality/enhancements/ideas

  • Factoid security
  • Rewrite Wiki search for speed. Also return suggestions when search yeilds no results and do something about lists of definitions on ambiguous terms.
    • DickieBot seems to be only as consistent with success as Wikipedia is consistent with code.

Other Ideas

Oil-Cooled PC

  • Oil-Cooled PCs look like a fun project. I will investigate different types of oil which have been used and designs to minimize leaks.

Twitter Doggy-Door

  • I'm thinking this will involve some arduino-work. This will require some education on my part, but it is an area I would like to move into.