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  • Bachelors in Industrial design from Auburn University.
  • Professionally works as a multimedia and graphics specialist. Previously worked in water filtration; experience designing and operating aquaculture (fish farming or aquariums) and aquaponics systems (fish and hydroponic plant growing)
  • keep several planted aquariums
  • sewing(machine and hand stitched embroidery)
  • tatting (lace making)
  • once up on a time, chainmaille jewelry
  • general fabrication, skills with metal, wood, foam and more for models
  • Enjoys woodworking and breadmaking. Am short but not a hobbit, though I'd rather like to eat like one.
  • Has rabbits (number varies between 5-30), Rex and Rex/New Zealand mixes.
  • And two dogs (not food)
  • 45+ houseplants
  • moody home design

Future projects

Design and building of a ornamental goldfish pond

Design and building of duck pond and duck housing.(spring 2024)

Free If you are starting an aquarium, I can provide you with seeded filter material. This will jump start the bacterial colonies needed to keep your fish healthy. I can include a water quality lecture if desired.

I usually have houseplant cuttings/small plants available. You can ask for one.