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Hi. Hello.

I am Halley. That's HAL-lee, thus HAL9k.

Some vaguely interesting things about me:

  • I started the Nerd Rummage Sale
  • I am a systems analyst
  • I really like data science
  • I have a goofy dog named Radar
  • I know way too many things about JIRA, Confluence and BitBucket
  • I lived in Pittsburgh, PA from 2005-2014
  • I play a lot of video games, particularly Sid Meier's Civilization, Sim City, Doom, Final Fantasy, Minecraft, Fallout...
  • I have a Dremel Ideabuilder 3d printer and I'm pretty decent with Sketchup and Meshmixer
  • I helped build
  • I've been taught a lot of things about SQL from some really smart people
  • I'm terrible at Perl, but was taught how to use it by one of its creators (ask me about Perl!)
  • My Ham callsign is KM4WHV
  • I have a personal Slack channel called Niki's Magic Castle (ask me about chat protocols)
  • My e-mail is (this is also my Google+ account)
  • My cell is 412 three one zero 3410
  • I completed three years of Industrial Design before switching majors to Information Systems

Here are some things I do currently:

  • I play APA League pool at Bumpers on Thursdays
  • I'm studying for my Ham General-level test
  • Following and trying to participate in the Nation of Makers organization, along with my friend, Chad Elish from HackPGH
  • I have vague intentions to join the Marshall Space Flight Center Amateur Radio Club
  • Building an encrypted mail server
  • Doing some initial research into starting a Data Clearinghouse 501c3 organization for North Alabama
  • Working on this dang propane pop gun: Propane_and_Propane_Accessories

So, feel free to say hi, I'm always happy to help.