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Bachelors Degree in Physics, Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. General machine work experience (Lathe, Mill, CNC). Interested in just about everything. Experience with micro-controllers, FPGA's, Digital Signal processing, Embedded (uC) software, Python, C, VHDL, Fusion 360. Ham License, primarily for the RF and Antenna design fun.

Current Obsessions

  • Battlebots
  • Machined Metal Pens
  • Tabletop RPG's (CoC, D&D5e)
  • Attempting to Laser Cut or 3D print everything


Project Name Description Status
Ant Weight Battlebot Simple design for up-coming competition (Team Banzai!) Ant Weight Battlebot
Mechwarrior FPV Combat Legged Robot FPV airsof combat robotics Mechwarrior FPV Combat
Lathe Pens Machined Metal Pens Lathe Pens