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  • Education: Master's of Science in Computer Engineering, University of Memphis (2018).
  • Employment: Digital electronics/FPGA design engineer for NASA (2018 - Present).
  • Leadership Experience: Former chair, now mentor of both IEEE student branch and IEEE robot team at UofM.
  • Hobbies: Historical fencing (HEMA), board games (preferably heavy strategy or highly-interactive Euros), weightlifting.
  • Assorted Skills: LaTeX typesetting, Python scripting, PCB design, simple video editing, basic 3D CAD skills, novice Linux user.
  • Makerspace-Related Interests: Woodworking, laser-based fabrication and engraving, CNC machining, screen printing, and eventually helping to organize events and possibly becoming a board member.


TODO: create pages with details for each of these.

  • HEMA Wall Art (complete): Laser-engraved plywood art pieces for my HEMA club.
  • Laser Engraved Clock (complete): Simple clockface made in one pass on the laser.
  • Wooden Dussacks (in progress): Dussacks made to survive full-contact sparring.