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About Me

I am focusing on more of the textile crafts, learning to program in a little code, I am new to the technological side of things. I am attempting to bring my textile and cooking knowledge to merge into the tech.


Project Name Description Status
Victorian Dress I am using a pattern to create a Victorian Era Dress. Started on 2/03/2014.

I am currently still cutting and sizing the fabric and pattern.

Raspberry Pi CoffeeMaker I am going to attempt a programmable coffeemaker Raspberry Pi CoffeeMaker
Scarf My first knitting project, nearly complete Scarf
Laptop REBoot I am taking a computer and re-making it. Laptop REBoot
Clay Pot Just an excuse to use the kiln Clay Pot
LED Shirt Mixing LEDs plus a shirt to make it light with music beats. LED Shirt
Python Code Learning it. Python Code
Gypsy Costume Sew costume for Halloween Gypsy Costume
Mahjong Tiles See if I can't build a Mahjong Tile on a 3D printer Mahjong Tiles
Laser cutter Etched a design on a laptop Research
Create A Stats Dress Clothing that measures your heart rate, etc. Create A Stats Dress
Light Beat Create a program to automatically select and shine colored lights with music selections Light Beat
Cooking Stat Reader Try to make a measuring device that can sense heat changes in food or the cooktop, measuring temps to give the user optimum food quality. Cooking Stat Reader