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Areas in which I'm somewhat knowledgeable:

Business Strategy / Marketing / Implementation


Food Protip:

When flavoring with butter, use a neutral oil as your cooking medium and butter as your flavoring...meaning pour oil in a pan and then melt a piece of butter on top of the oil

Instead of decanting wine slowly in one of those fancy decanters, throw it in a blender on high for 30-45 seconds

Completed Projects:

Thermal Immersion Circulator:

   A device that circulates and heats a warm fluid(water) kept at an accurate and stable temperature
       Culinary Uses: Cooking food low and slow
           References for Temperature Chart:

Vacuum Chamber:

   Modified a pressure cooker into a vacuum chamber.  Capable of pulling 28.5 inHg using a water aspirator
       Culinary Uses: Flash pickling/infusion in large batches

Lumen Lab Projector:

   Old school project using a stripped 15in LCD, fresnel lens, and a light box

Current Projects:


   Glorified cold plate used to freeze sauces

Future Projects:

Temperature Controlled Smoker-

Salamander Oven-