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Brewer Beer Name Beer Type Personal Rating Obtained Notes
Avondale Miss Fancy Triple Triple Good Stannon from work brought it from Birmingham. I believe it's brewed out of Gadsden, AL High Gravity
Andy Gator  ? Good Liquor Express A lighter beer
Sweet 16 Layered Hops (Not Hoppy) Exceptionally Good Liquor Express Dark beer, very high alchohol content
O'Fallen Pumpkin Beer Seasonal Really good Kroger, Windmill Beverage Strong Pumpkin Flavor. Favorite seasonal yet.
Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin Pumpkin Really damn good Liqour Express Kim Muse introduced this to me at naught's. everyone seemed to like it.
Ousters? Ousters Stout Stout It was ok. Liquour Express on Tap It wasn't a bad beer, but in comparison to Keith's home brew that night it just didn't compare.
Sam Adams Octoberfest Seasonal: Octoberfest Typical beer. Just alright Grocery Stores Slight Pumpkin Taste, I guess.
Straight to Ale Double Lost Highway Duoble Alright Liquor Express Dark in color, light flavor
Yellowhammer Liberation Quadrupel Really Good Liquor Express A dark beer, has an evaporative alchohol taste on the tongue. This beer is part of the collaboration series between the local Huntsville breweries.
Unibrou "Terrible"  ? Really Good Liquor Express A darker richer beer