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AADK developer unit (S888i)


Asterisk Appliance Developer Kit

"it goes back to the default ip address of as per the manual but when I enter the Default password it says incorrect login?"

  • ssh login
    • root
    • digium
  • web portal (have to be connected via direct LAN connection)
    • admin
    • mysecret
    • These credentials are in the m*.conf file (it starts with an m, I don't remember which file)


  • Some web browsers are able to get to the login screen. I've only been able to navigate there with my phone's web browser. Default login credentials from the aa50 manual did not work. default uClinux credentials did not work for an ssh session (any user \ uClinux )
  • Unit appears to be able to get an IP address from a DHCP server
  • immediate=yes is what would be used to ring all the phones when one picks up.