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Notes on editing files in preparation for laser cutting:

  • Inkscape
    • To get text to transfer to DXF, remember to highlight it and select Path->"Object to Path"
    • To make curves appear better, Menu -> Extensions -> Modify Paths -> Flatten Beziers
      • set the Flatness to something like 0.1
  • You have to save the file as dxf in order to import into RdWorks
    • Another program you can open dxf files in is LibreCAD, to see if the problem is on the export vs. import side
  • RdWorks
    • in rdworks, scan is the raster setting, and cut is the vector setting
      • scan will fill in letters instead of just showing the outlines
      • Double click on the layer to change it from scan to cut
    • RdWorks will likely get your scaling wrong, make sure to resize it
      • Resize by paying attention to the numbers to the right of the resize arrows
      • there is a way to change from mm to inches, google it.
    • Click the Download button to send to the laser cutter