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My boot sector is full

Basically I screwed up and decided to put my boot folder in its own physical partition. And it's a small paritition. It keeps getting full and causing autoremove to encounter errors, leaving old packages in there. Removing packages with apt results in init.rd files being generated, which then fills up the boot folder again. Here's some commands for troubleshooting

  • sudo -s
    • This will drop you into a root shell making it easier to do things
  • dpkg -l | grep linux-image
    • igonore the ones marked rc , they have already been removed
  • uname -r
    • This will tell you what kernel you're using
  • After upgrading to a new kernel, make sure to reboot. linux will complain about dependencies when trying to remove the kernel you're on
  • apt-file
    • this tool will tell you what files belong to what packages
  • cd into the boot directory and manually remove packages and then try to do an upgrade again
    • You may have to use rm for this instead of purge because the system has gotten into such a bad state
    • You may have to do this several times as you identify the bad kernels that are generating init.rd files. Eventually you will get all of the old kernels out.

Better more permanent solution

Haven't tried this yet. Using gparted disk, move your main partition to the right, and then resize the boot partition. Then you'll have to do something linuxy to tell the boot partition to take advantage of the new space?

Unrelated issues specific to my server

When I created my storage array I used a DOS file system. It's max size is around 2gb. So I can't take advantage of the disks I have. I need to backup my server and re-do the array using ext4, and go ahead and put my OS on a separate drive while I'm at it.