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Makerspace Member Pricing Model Alt. Income Community Differences Physical Space
Arch Reactor - St. Louis
  • Community Member: No dues, can only use public mailing list/forums and visit the public "lounge" area of the space.
  • Supporting Member: Dues are $15 per month, can use the public area lounge, some voting rights, and may have access to private areas/materials when full members are available.
  • Full Member: Dues are $45 per month, can use all areas of the space 24/7, full voting rights.

Full members must also contribute 2 hours of community service at the facility a month.

Receives multithousand grants from local engineering business Community seemed active and healthy, hobbyist oriented (vs. business product fabrication oriented) 3 Stories and a basement for $1000 a month. More space than they could use, an entire floor in their warehouse left empty.
ATX - Austin, TX $75 base membership fee Added co-op space for additional $100+ on top of $75 base. Provided a small cubicle which seemed to be primarily utilized by members whose remote businesses required them to have a physical desk, whether they used it or not. They mentioned their large format laser cutter was something they sold time on to professionals, and it was a cash cow. Community seemed more business product fabrication oriented. It felt like there was a tension between the business maker lifestyle members and the hobbyists. Multiple air conditioned rooms with the option to expand. Seemed like they were able to get a good place to rent by not being in central Austin. Large shop floor.