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Using this page to keep track of personal items kept at the shop and at home. If anyone sees anything on this page they would like to use/borrow/purchase, just let me know.

Items Stored at Home

PDA\Smartphone Equipment

  • Cassiopeia E-100 and accessories

X10 Equipment

At the Shop

  • 1 RF Transmitter (Firecracker)
  • 1 RF Reciever Lamp Module
  • 1 Lamp Module

Not At the Shop

  • 1 Hawkeye Motion Detector
  • 2 Powerhouse Remotes (HR12A)
  • 2 Lamp Modules
  • 4 Light Switches (WS467)
  • 1 Radioshack Telephone Remote Control System - Radio Shack Cat No. 43-151
    • Doubles as a control center
    • Comes with telephone remote controller
  • 1 Powerhouse Telephone Remote Control System (this one may respond to standard phone noises, not sure) TR16A
    • Doubles as a control center
  • 1 Lamp Socket Module
  • 1 Active Home Computer Interface (cm11a)