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Pressure Cooker

Slow Cooker

  • Alton Brown's Green Olive Pot Roast
    • This was prepared for a TNF at ML256. The gravy was made following the directions from the recipe, but after emulsifying Gregabyte brought the gravy to temperature and added flour to thicken. The sauce was sweeter than the pot roast. If I did the gravy again I might omit the raisins from it to reduce sweetness. We had fritos chips on hand to add some saltiness to the dish, which added a good salty flavor crunchy texture to an otherwise soft dish.
    • Also I used pimento stuffed jarred olives in this dish. Next time I might hit up a fresh market or something and see if I could get regular pitted, larger olives. They usually have a firmer mouthfeel, but the slow cooking process might undo that anyway, dunno.

Deep Fried

  • Nashville Style Hot Turkey
    • Used an 11 pound turkey in a Butterball XL Electric Turkey Fryer. After 45 minutes Fryer reached 350, never did reach 375. I would give the oil a full hour of heating the oil next time.
    • Oil is too hot to drain the same night of cooking, be prepared to clean that the next day.
    • I put the turkey on some paper towels so I could scoop out a cup of the oil for the spice mixture. Next time I'll have a pan to set the basket on.
    • Heavy non-fabric gloves are a must for this operation. An entire roll of paper towels was incredibly handy.
    • Should have had an extra thermometer for the oil to confirm the thermometer on the fryer. It worked out, but it would reduce risk.
    • I used one normal sized coffee mug to dip out the oil for the spice mixture. I used about a mug and a half. I should have stuck with one mug to make the spice mixture extra thick when basting on.
      • Reserve some of the oil for the turkey after it's been carved. The spice on the outside of the turkey isn't enough to make it spicey, it needs the mixture all over.
    • One box of stove top stuffing is a paltry amount. Two got us scraping by, Three would have been ideal.
    • Next Time I might brine the turkey, or inject it. Maybe get the salt and pepper mixture under the skin.



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