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About Me

For those that don't know me my name is Jake Polatty, also know as Professor Phalin. I run a websire called Phalin's Workshop, dedicated to Steampunk and all the various project that I work on. I joined the shop back in May of 2009.

My current interests are Amateur Radio, Steampunk, robotics (I dabble a little bit), and electronics in general.


Soldering -I've soldered personally and professionally for 6-7 years. I'm willing to teach any who wants to learn.

Elbow Grease -I'm willing to help out with anyone who needs help (provided I have the free time).

Vacuum Tube Tech. -I've been learning all about Vacuum Tubes and their application. I have some materials that might help anyone in that area.

Wanting to Learn

Coding -I've been working with an Arduino to learn micro controllers and programming.


CNC / RepRap -Currently gathering interest, money and materials for a CNC machine and RepRap for the shop.

Steampunk mp3 Player -Not a mp3 player yet, per say, but a music player with a very Steampunk feel to it.

Auto-following camera robot -(On the back burner for the moment) A robot that follows a user with a remote and lets the user control a DSLR camera with the remote and still be able to remove the DSLR camera for other uses.