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  • Jason Voorhees costume -- Create a new costume based on Jason Voorhees from Freddy vs. Jason.
    • Status: Ordered pattern for burlap jacket. Will need to sew it and weather it properly. After that is ready, will order mask and hood. Will also need to weather sweater, shirt, and pants.
  • Carputer -- Putting a computer in my car to take the place of the headunit. Will control music, GPS, engine diagnostics among other things
    • Status: Done and done. Next task is to add voice commands.
  • MAME Light Gun -- Convert a console Light Gun into a MAME compatible one
    • Status: Completed. Guncons worked great. No painting required.
  • Project Icarus -- Put a camera and a GPS tracker attached to a weather balloon to take pictures of the earth from Near Space. Project Icarus
    • Status: Cancelled
  • Microwave Kane -- Pirate TV station which should initially get a range of around 5 miles eventually up to a max of 10 miles.
    • Status: Abandoned TV transmitter idea for now and have posted videos on instead
  • DIY UAV Drone -- Automated RC Plane which will ultimately fly from Decatur to Huntsville on it's own and auto land at a certain spot.
    • Status: On hold. I have the airframe, but sold the automated electronics for now.
  • -- My first crack at making a Thumbnail Gallery Page (TGP) (aka Pr0n Site)
    • Status: Got the site launched, but never figured out how to get traffic. Site is stagnate at this point.
  • Internet LED Sign -- Idea for rigging an LED display sign to a server which would accept messages from web visitors for display on the sign in my house.
    • Status: Got it connected and working. Recently upgraded to Windows 7 and haven't put the webcam software back in, yet.
  • ABAP Development -- I am so fed up with Software QA. I need to change careers, so I need to learn ABAP development (which is the development piece of SAP)
    • Status: On Hold for now.