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Self- Summary

Freelance biology researcher, amateur programmer, chemist, and agriculturalist. I have been around ML256 since Dec 2013..

Completed Projects

  • None yet because I ran out of beer. :(

Current Projects

  • Webcam Microscope
    • Materials Req'd
      • Webcam of certain MP

  • DIY DNA Extraction Lab
    • Materials Req'd
      • DremelFuge
      • Eppendorf Tubes @ 1.5ml
      • Distilled water
      • Chilled Ethanol (Methylated or Isopropyl work best)
      • DNA source (could be fruit, human cheek cells, unmentionable bodily fluids)
      • Pipettes

Future Endeavors

  • Analytical Balance
  • PCR Machine
  • Way to quantify protein quality
  • Way to chill samples around -10C