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My name is Jesse W. Schirmer, I also go by the name Wolfenhex. I consider myself a computer programmer and have been coding computers for a long time. I first got started with Prolog on an 8086 computer and now I know around two dozen languages. My two favorite languages to work in are Perl and C#. I also really enjoy lower level programming, but I don't have the patience to do a large scale project in one.

I also consider myself a video game developer. Game development is something I have wanted to do ever since I was a little kid and it is what lead me to my passion of computer programming. My goal is to make enough money developing video games so I can do it for a living. Then I can have time to work on learning other things I am interested in.


Pixel: ru² -- A video game that User:Charlaxy and I are working on.

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