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Born On:
18:26, 21 April 2013 (CDT)
Last Updated:
23:33, 21 June 2013 (CDT)


Basic idea:

A multicopter. Full 360 degree, hemispherical pan/tilt high res, wireless broadcasting camera. Wearable VR display, head mounted. Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors in head mounted display for head tilt/pan tracking. Remote control.

Imagine wearing a VR mask that lets you see what the multicopter sees, even mimicking your head tilt/pan! The flight computer / autopilot software will let you control it like a first person shooter style video game even using an XBox or Playstation controller. So the controls always work based on where the camera is looking. If you are looking straight ahead and push "forward" on the joystick the copter will move horizontally forward. If you are looking down pushing "forward" will actually make the copter move vertically down towards the ground.

Having the VR mask on your face will give you the sense that you are actually flying through the real world! And who DOESN'T want to do that?


Wireless Cameras

Here's a good idea to use as the wireless camera. It has the video output that can be connected to a monitor or a wearable display. It's cheap, wireless, and small and lightweight.


Here's a more expensive option but might be clearer? It also seems to only work with the handheld display with no output to a bigger screen or wearable display...


This one looks to have the video output we need plus a long wireless range?


Other Ideas

Here's someone else's UAV:


And another:


With plenty of ideas here: