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This idea came up over burgers at Five Guys. Basically create a vending machine that would vend items not commonly found in vending machines.


  • Tshirts
  • DVDs
  • Wireless cards
  • Water pistols

T-shirt Vending Machine




  • Feeder (Paddle Wheel) design, in between each paddle is enough space for one rolled up t-shirt.
    • Shute full of t-shirt would use gravity to press a new shirt into the space
    • when the t-shirt reaches the 3rd quadrant, gravity would cause the shirt to fall out into a bin where the user would collect it.
    • quadrants 1, half of 3, and 4 would likely remain empty of shirts
    • paddle wheel would connect to an electric motor
      • Is an encoded motor necessary? If not, how to keep the wheel from continuing to turn?


  • Like in most vending machines, as the screw turns, the shirt would be pushed along the surface of the screw until gravity caught it and the shirt fell
  • The screw would have to be large, like the screw stakes they put in the ground to attach dogs to
  • Limitation of this implementation is that a screw can't hold many shirts, maybe 7 at most.


Motor Control

Purchasing / User Interface

  • QR Reader via webcam, user purchases a QR image containing a predetermined one time use key
  • Digital pad, user enters predetermined one time use key
  • ibutton, cost of button included in shirt. Could include in the cost of shirt / badge and do a similar competition like the one done at Outerz0ne 4 with the QR partner finding
  • touchscreen internet connection for paypal
    • with anyone put their paypal password into a hacker's vending machine?
  • magstripe reader
    • Will anyone run their card at a hacker convention?