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Born On:
15:42, 19 February 2010 (CST)
Last Updated:
14:46, 16 August 2011 (CDT)


Create a virtual representation of the Makers Local 256 facility, to give other hackerspaces a feel of what our spaces looks like.

  • Crashcart has interacted with Hammer (a TF2 engine) as a potential way to create a 3D model.
    • If other hackerspaces used the same 3D engine, we could tie in other capabilities like gaming
  • Mudflap from Hackerconsortium suggested Google Sketchup, which would allow us to not only create a 3D model, but place it on google earth.


  • Taking Measurements of shop on 2/27/2010 (leaving off main ML256 calendar)
  • Setting up Hammer Tutorial meeting about a week later (TBD?)


  • Hammer (TF2 Engine)


  • If we could find a way to use it, Mudflap left a copy of a 3D model of our hackerspace with strages. Depending on the availability of software, it may be easier to measure the shop by hand

Measurements Left to Take

  • Office
  • Tables

Measurements Taken

  • Equipment Room: 10'2" x 17'5"
  • Office\Kitchen: 20'4" x 9'4"
  • Main Room: 30x40
    • (The 40' measurement is to the edge of the ceiling tiles)
    • Hieght: 12' to drop ceiling
    • 3'7" from the ceiling tiles to the staircase
    • 3'4" from where the staircase wall begins to the office wall (where the staircase width ends)
      • 4" width of staircase banister
      • Depth of each stair is 9"
      • Length of each stair is 2'11"
  • Social Loft: 21' x 10'2.5"
    • Distance from ground level to floor of Social Loft: 8'11"
    • Height of Railing: 3'9"
    • Length of Remainder of lofted, unrailed area: 8'2"
    • Distance from Ground to top of lofted, unrailed area: 8'1"
    • Distance from ceiling tiles to metal roof: 2.5'
  • Tool Room: 18" x 22'6"
    • Bay Door: 9'10" x 12'4"
  • Storage Room: 17'6" x 16"
    • 4'8 Walls that makes up the devider between tool room and storage room 3'8"
    • Shelf: 1'7" x 7'8.5"
      • there are 4 shelves
  • Library: 9'4" x 16'10"
    • Ground to Floor of Library: 8'
    • Metal roof to floor of library: 7'
    • Library fencing height: 3'8"

  • Bathroom 6' x 7'6"

Project Byproducts

  • Crashcart had a great idea for ML256 hosting a Hammer workshop. If people were into it, we could even break the shop into sections to be created as part of the workshop