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Small, low power, single purpose projectors designed to project singular widgets onto walls in lieu of physical items


In Progress: awaiting motivation


Basically, I want to do this:

a DIY projector clock: http://www.raphnet.net/divers/projection_clock/index_en.php

another, without magnifying lens: http://imakeprojects.com/projects/projection-clock/


  • Dali-style clock in a constant state of melting while maintaining it's core function of being a clock.
  • Calendar/clock combo in the style of: http://home.tiscali.nl/annejan/swf/timeline.swf
  • "Slideshow" photo viewer.
  • Task list, reminders, birthdays, motivationals, etc... PIM stuff.
  • Stock ticker, weather info, network traffic analyzer, etc.
  • RSS feed from Makezine or other sources.
  • Memory usage, swap usage, HD free space, etc.

Supplies Needed

  • Old PDAs for use of their screens.
    • They don't to be high res given their task.
  • Cheap binoculars for use of their lenses.
  • Small fresnel lenses easily obtained at bookstores.
  • Some type of housing for it all.


  • 05/05/2007: Finally found a PDA with an actual LCD instead of a TFT. Now we know what timeframe in PDA history and what type of PDAs to be on the lookout for.

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