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414 Stevens Ave

Function Page for 414 Stevens Ave. Google Map Location.

To Dos for an Operational & Insurable Shop

Listed in Order of Priority/Sequence. (green signifies complete)

  1. Pay Utilities Deposit/Transfer Utilities <- As of 5/25, looking to get it done ASAP.
    • Option 1: Turn off 203 Brown and turn on Stevens on same day. Pay $200 difference.
      • To do this we would need to be paid up with Huntsville Utilities the day we cut power to 203 Brown
    • Option 2: Allow some overlap, pay Utilities $800, Utilities will cut us a check for $600 when we turn off power at 203 Brown
      • Shapr has offered to lend us the money at 0% interest for 2 weeks
    • Currently, the power at the new location is currently being paid by our landlord, Hal.
  2. Open Shop Access to Members - USB Lock and Deadbolt installation to front door. <- Pending completion by 5/25 afternoon.
  3. Lights - Landlord Responsibility <- As of 5/3, Majority fixed by landlord.
  4. Internet Access <- As of 5/25, Comcast has been contacted, looking to get it done over the next few days.
  5. Reinforce Loft Structure
    • Frame & Struts - Landlord Responsibility <- As of 5/3, being started by landlord, cabinets and benches removed for work. Will be replaced afterward.
    • Floor Plating - Our Responsibility
      • Lay Down Plywood - Build to Code before loading with furniture and gear. Need to make it to spec for insurance.
  6. Reinforce & Widen Stairway - Our Responsibility
    • TinkerBuddah/Josh Carr said that he could do it to code in 3 hours. Need to make it to spec for insurance.
      • Observing the stairs and code in detail, the only thing that needs to be done is widen the top three steps in the lengthwise direction so that from above, they overlap. Currently, they are too narrow and leave a gap.
  7. Half-Completed Room Under Loft - Our Responsibility
    • Currently 2x4 Wall Frame not to code. Vertical spars need to be at most 16" apart. They are further apart than that. Additional spars need to be added, insulation filled in and then the wall covered with plywood and drywall. Can become additional heated/cooled space. Need to make it to spec for insurance.
      • A way around this; if we do not use the 2x4 Wall Frame as a wall (e.g. use it as strut framing for shelving, etc.), this code no longer applies. Per Discussion.
    • Note: As next door neighbor's building is directly adjacent to the West wall of the shop, we are unable to put an A/C out the West wall of the Half-Completed Room Under Loft. Options have been to vent the A/C into the garage area.
  8. Roof
    • Gutter Cleaning - Landlord Responsibility
    • Roof Cleaning & Repair (Skylight) - Landlord Responsibility
  9. Kitchen
    • Installation of 220V - Our Responsibility, Alternative is to use 110 for a hot plate, crock pot, toaster over, microwave, ect.
  10. Electrical Test & Inspection - Our Responsibility
  11. Garbage Area - Our Responsibility. Will be repurposed as needed and loose pieces stored in refurbishable condition for next tenant.
    • EnabrinTain: TinkerBuddah mentioned that the outdoor wooden stall, might make a workable painting stall - so we might not want to disassemble this right away.
  12. Networking - Comcast Responsibility, Brimstone confirms on 4/21 that Comcast Business Class services are available at our new location. No specific move date yet.
  13. Plumbing - Our/Landlord Responsibility, actions dependent on what we plan to do.
    • Shower Replacement <- As of 5/3, old shower removed and new shower being installed by landlord.
  14. Ventilation - Our Responsibility, actions dependent on what we plan to do.
  15. Ceiling Fan in Office - Landlord Responsibility
  16. Carpet - Landlord Responsibility <- As of 5/3, in work by landlord.


  • Resolve a Lease with Hal - Coompleted by Mog, MrFranceIsBacon, JimShoe & Strages on 5/3/11. Lease signed and money exchanged. Lease begins on 5/15/11.
  • Plumbing
    • Outdoor Spigot <- As of 5/3, water line run by landlord.
      • EnabrinTain: I talked to the Landlord about getting the outdoor spigot reattached. He was amiable, but we'll need to make absolutely sure not to let it freeze in the winter.
      • Spacefelix: I just bought a spigot cover for the Brown Street Shop. We can use that for the 5 Points shop and get us through the winter. However, my understanding of its workings is that it retains heat on the spigot that radiates from the building and the spigot itself. However, with an unheated garage, will there still be enough heat from the spigot to keep it warm? Otherwise, can just throw in a 9V battery and a heating element/LED into the spigot cover and let those two keep each other cozy?

203 Brown St

Function Page for 203 Brown St.

To Dos for Moving Out

Listed in Order of Priority/Sequence.

  1. Transfer Utilities and Insurance - Our Responsibility, Looking to get it done ASAP (as of 5/25).
    • Utilities needs to be removed from our name on 203 Brown St on the 26th, and put in our name on the 26th at 414 Stevens Ave.
  2. Pack and transport possessions to new shop - Our Responsibility, In Progress
    • Boxing Party May 11, 2011, 7pm.
    • What items move ('X' means done):
      • Main Room
        • Tables - X
        • Shelves - X
        • Chairs - X
        • Sofa - X
        • Electronics Table - X
        • Projector - X
        • Garbage Bin - Moving with Spacefelix on 5/26.
        • Our Air Conditioners & Fans
          • Move Main Room window A/C to kitchen and replace plywood plate on Main Room Window. The fan comes with us.
        • New Lights <- replace with Original Working Lights - CANCELLED
        • Fire Extinguisher - X
        • Mail Cubbyholes - X
        • Smoke Detector - Moving with Spacefelix on 5/26.
        • CO Detector - Moving with Spacefelix on 5/26.
        • Chemical Cabinet & Associated Fire Extinguisher - X
        • Soda Machine - X
        • Kiosk - X
        • Whiteboard - X
      • Kitchen
        • Fridge - X
        • Stove - X
        • Tables - X
        • CFLs <- Replace with Original Incandescents - CANCELLED
        • Recycling Bins - Moving with Spacefelix on 5/26.
        • Fire Extinguisher - X
        • Smoke Detector - Moving with Spacefelix on 5/26.
        • USB Lock and Deadbolt - Moving afternoon of 5/25.
          • Replace with standard deadbolt.
        • Servers - Planned to move with brimstone no later than afternoon of 5/25.
      • Kitchen Loft Lounge
        • Couch - X
        • Bed - X
        • Piano - X
        • Stereo - X
        • Coffee Table - X
        • Air Filter - X
      • Garage
        • Shelving - X
        • New Lights <- replace with Original Working Lights - CANCELLED
        • Garbage Bin - X
        • Tool Table - X
        • Pegboard
        • Toxic & Scrap Metal Bins - Moving with Spacefelix on 5/25.
      • Main Storeroom and Loft Library
        • Anything above the loft - X
        • New Lights <- replace with Original Working Lights - CANCELLED
      • Equipment Room
        • New Lights <- replace with Original Working Lights - CANCELLED
        • Insulation Panels - X
      • Bathroom
        • Shelves - X
        • Cabinet - X
        • First Aid Kit - X
        • Whiteboard - X
      • Outside
        • Garden - Moving with Spacefelix on 5/26.
    • What stays:
      • Main Room
        • Window Plugs
        • HVAC
        • Window A/C
      • Kitchen
        • Window Plug
      • Garage
        • Water Heater
        • Wooden Bench
      • Main Storeroom and Loft Library
        • Anything below the loft
      • Bathroom
        • Sink
        • Toilet (:P)
      • Kitchen Loft Lounge
        • Exercise Equipment
        • Fluorescent Light Tubes and Cases
  3. Clean Up Shop - Our Responsibility
    • Sweep/Mop Up
    • Throw away all the trash we have, this inclues the pile of stuff.
    • Mow the Lawn - Will be done by Spacefelix on 5/26.
  4. Give Gifts Of Awesomeness to Mike - Our Responsibility


  • Resolve Lease Termination with Mike - Mog & Tim completed this on 4/20/11, Mike will permit us to stay until 5/26/11 at $1000/mo.


Planning to move quickly and have this done ASAP.

For access to both sites, people will be stationed at both places.

The following can provide moving gear:

  • From David Merchant/ainut:
    • Engine Hoist on Wheels, limit 1,200 lbs.
    • Forklift/Bucket Loader Gear on mini-tractor, limit 500 lbs.
    • 24' Enclosed Trailer with drive-in type door, limit 5,000 lbs.
    • Light Truck for boxes only.
  • From brimstone:
    • 16'x7' open trailer and a truck to pull it. Can take two tables, maybe three if one's sideways.
  • From Preauxphoto:
    • Jeep that can tow brimstone's 16'x7' open trailer.
  • From Chazzam:
    • Open 21' Trailer, tentative, Chazzam working through loan process.
  • From EnabrinTain
    • Strong Back, Willingness to sweat.
    • Car can tow small trailer, can easily borrow a small trailer upon need.
  • From CrashCart (From Wednesday 5/11 to Saturday 5/14):
    • 2 Vans, 1 of them can fit something as big as 1 shop table
    • 2 hand trucks and pads, tie-downs, boxes, etc
    • 1 U-Haul Trailer on loan.
  • From Omegix (5:30 weekdays, till 1:00pm this Saturday 5/14, And after 12:00 on Sunday 5/15.)
  • From BendersGame (at nights)
  • From Spacefelix (Nights from Thursday 5/12 to Saturday 5/14, available Sunday morning only for Major Move.)
  • From Rusty N. (Monday night and maybe some others):
    • 1 Acura RSX, but it is a hatchback and can hold a surprising amount.
  • From Korc:
    • AND HIS SWORD, er, truck.