Wifi Antennas

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Implemented, Scrapped:

These have already been created, but not finished. There are major flaws in the construction of both antennas. Fixing the flaws would require cutting the antennas completely apart and rebuilding them.


The theoretical gain is ~22dbi and theoretical beam width is < 10 degrees. Practical gain and beamwidth are unknown as it has not yet been tested. These antennas have the amazing property of being able to lock onto any linearly polarized signal regardless of polarization. They can not pull in a signal that has been circularly polarized in the opposite direction.


  • VERY large guage solid copper wire (god only knows how much power you can put into these things)
  • 2" diameter PVC pipe
  • other various PVC parts


The pair of antennas was originally created LONG before the make shop came about. I was bored and wanted something I could wifi-snipe with, so I decide to make my own.


Wifi antenna.jpg