Wifi Foxhunt

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Born On:
02:14, 3 July 2008 (CDT)
Last Updated:
07:55, 31 October 2008 (CDT)


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Classic Scenario

Fox needs:

  • Transporation similar to hounds
  • Off the shelf AP
  • Webserver of sorts
  • Power (UPS or inverter)
  • Communication device

Hounds need:

  • Transporation similar to fox
  • Wifi device
  • Power
  • Communication device


  • Hounds hunt for the moving fox in the defined area.
  • When a hound finds the fox they:
    • Connect to the AP
    • Find the webserver on the network
    • Find the pass phrase
    • Call the event lead with pass phrase
  • Stay within FCC regulations
  • Obey traffic laws

Tactics for Hounds

  • Operate rogue APs
  • Automated mesh net to "snar" fox
  • Multiple antennas (omni & directional)
  • 2 people 2 car method
    • 2 people get in 2 different cars an find locations to campout. When one sees the network, the start chasing it and notify the other team of their location.
  • 1 person 4 cars method
    • each person has their own car and a automated linux system with an omni antenna constantly scanning and attempting to associate to the access point. When the system associates with the access point, it beeps signaling the driver of the car to stop and call the number on the webpage.

Tactics for Fox

  • Combine AP and webserver with a wgt634u or like device
  • Change transportation during hunt