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The Zombie Maker is a thoroughly naughty, sneaky way to promote an event. It's highly unethical, probably not illegal. I don't think I would want to build one, this is more a prediction of how some worm in the future will work. The tailored spam of tomorrow!


  • Facebook Account, for access to others. Any social network, really.
  • Lonely Boys, preferably with open profile viewing enabled.
  • A destination for your zombie horde
  • A means of sending someone a message, email, phone text*insert movie magic hacking thing here* that lets you send a notification email that looks like it's from someone else. Could be in the form of an email, a text message, a facebook message.

Target Acquisition

  • Search through a boy who registers as "single" look through his friends list for women who register as "single."
  • Arrange for a brief message to be sent from the single female to the single male at a time a few hours before your event. Include a time and place in the message. It could follow the format of a Facebook App notification, "Tammy has invited you to meet her at The Flying Monkey tonight at 8 for the Pornomancers Concert."
  • To be truly effective, it could make the message sound more like a form letter booty call. "I wasn't doing anything tonight, and I thought maybe we could get together at ..."
  • Added sophistication, if you're promoting a music concert, search through the facebook or myspace profile for a band with a similar sound, or just tell the recipient they should come because they sound like the White Stripes. Everybody likes the White Stripes.
  • As friends tell their friends, and so on, and so on, watch the horde of lonely boys show up at your event, trying to get laid.

Cynical, but accurate

I think this will happen one day, combining elements of Google Ads with standard spam delivery, trolling social networks for user information to base their ads on. The real strength of the concept comes from being sent to single men (desperate lot that they are) hoping to meet women. That the women are promised to be someone they already know is just meant to sweeten the deal.

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