Applicant Email Template

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  • Initial contact
  • Making sure they know we know about them
  • What we expect from them
    • Invite to get involved with the group
      • General list
      • IRC
      • Shop times
      • Check out projects on the wiki and chat with members about their projects
  • What they should expect from us
    • Next meeting in which they'll be voted
    • Recent shop improvements and acquisitions
    • Current group projects
    • Any outstanding individual projects
    • Wiki access
  • Thank them for any donation (maybe?)


  • Person's name
  • Date of next monthly meeting

Email template

Dear _________________________,

Everyone at Makers Local 256 would like to thank you for your membership application. Your membership will be voted on at the next monthly meeting which is scheduled for __________________.

Makers Local 256 feels that membership isn't just about having your name on some paperwork. Its more about learning, teaching, and discovering new ideas as well as socializing with like minded individuals. That is why we would like to invite you to check out our wiki ( ), help us with projects or stop by the shop whenever it's open. A good way to find out if the shop is open is to check the cams ( user: Makers pass: Local ), ask in chat ( #makerslocal ), ask on the general mailing list ( ), or stop by on Saturday afternoons.

I think we need another paragraph about some thing we need help with. Group projects, shop help...

Again thank you for your application, we all hope to see what crazy projects you come up with.

Makers Local 256