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1st Meetup pending interest
1st Meetup pending interest
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16:20, 30 June 2009 (CDT)
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People Interested in Working on This


The shop could use a CNC machine. There are already designed and open CNC plans on the internet. The CNC machine work area should be 2'x4' or larger for sheet metal use.

A CNC machine is primarily used as a computer automated cutting tool. User inputs a file, the machine cuts out the part.


  • Circuit board etching and drilling
  • Wood cutting
  • Acrylic etching
  • Sheet metal cutting


Online Resources

A Instructables page that has detailed instuctions on how to make a CNC machine, down to the patterns needed.


Need some links here to CNC design projects on the web that can be reproduced at the shop.

Project Meetup

1st Meetup pending interest