IRL Disaster preparation and recovery

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IRL Disaster preparation and recovery: when data recovery is the least of your worries.

This is a proposition for a class on emergency preparedness IRL.

After Katrina having an assortment of emergency supplies thought they didnt "save my life" they did make life easier.

I will hold several classes on Emergency preparedness from an in-car flat tire and first aid kit, to a 72 hour bug out bag, and even a Zombie hoard in home survival stash.

The first class will be:

Vehicular kludges - WWMD What would MacGyver do.

Things that will be discussed.

Fender Bender, what do i do now?

How to FIX a flat tire in 10 minutes or less.

Stranded, how to make the best of a boring situation

Major accident, how to help and not hinder.

Trapped, how to escape with your life.

More to be added later.....

Class two will be:

Why did we go in the woods? How to stay alive till you can get rescued in the wilderness

What should you pack even if you are just going for a short hike.

STOP: Stop, Think, Orient, Plan. how this could save your life.

Earth, Water and Fire, what you need to make your stay more bearable.

Attracting attention for survival.

more to be added later...

Class Three will be:

The BOB: Bug out bag, when BOB is your key to survival.

Why a BOB is important, and when it should be used.

No two BOB's are the same, and they shouldn't be, and why.

Urban Vs Wilderness BOB's

Bottom, Top and the middle, Feet: if you can move you cant survive, keeping a clear mind and body

Self Defense when its your life on the line

More to be added later...

Class four will be:

The Home is the Castle

Preparing you home for a natural disaster.

What supplies are needed and how long should you be prepared for.

What is "Fortification" and how to use it.

when should you defend your castle and when should you run.