Makers Campout

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When: May 14/15

Where: the Opticron estate Arab, AL (287 Emory Drive, Arab, AL)

This is just going to be a "get away" camp out, One night away from the shop where we all can hang out. I will cook something over an open fire, we will make smores, and just enjoy each others company.

Anyone is welcome to stay the night sleeping under the stars, in a tent, or in your car.

Opticron's Father has gladly given us a place to camp out that is free and safe. we will be on private property so as long as we respect that we have full run of the place to have fun in.

Some firearms will be available for target practice and plinking fun, we (preaux, opticron, brokentrace) will also teach anyone that wants to learn proper firearm safety and use.

For those that want to hang out bring a chair, Though I would like that if anyone decides to drink that they plan on staying the night or have a designated driver.