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  • June 23 2009
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • Eat before, or bring food with.
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Chairman
Treasurer's Report Treasurer
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee
Project/Event Updates Chairman
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Change Door Code if loss of member Secretary
Inactive Membership Jeff


Treasurer's Report

  • We have $2,118 in the regions bank
  • $54 is currently earmaked for our next insurance payment
    • With an additional $27 earmarked each month
  • 1 Member has adjusted their pledge amount: Makers Local will have $20 less a month.

New Members

  • Tabatha Hardcastle
    • yay - --Jimshoe 16:14, 22 June 2009 (CDT)
  • David Troupe
    • yay --Jimshoe 16:14, 22 June 2009 (CDT)

Inactive Membership

'Active' => Whether their pledge was in on time.
'Late' => If it's going on three months that pledge was not in on time
'Inactive' => Membership needs to be evaluated.

New Members Who Have Not Logged In

  • Simon Hart
  • Wayne Neumaier (Missing June)

Late Members Who Have Not Logged In

  • David Hewitt (Missing May & June)

Inactive Members Who have Not Logged In

  • Adam Chesler (No record of donating)

Active Members Who Have Not Logged In

  • Allison Bohlman (has contributed through September)
  • Ryan Gregory (Contributed through May)

Late Members who HAVE Logged In

  • Jake Wimberly (Missing May & June)

Inactive Members who HAVE Logged In

Nothing to report.