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The shop was recently donated $1,200 from DeepSouth con. This money comes without strings and we're doing ok finance wise (but don't stop donation!) so the board has decided to pass the savings on to you the member!

We've divided the money up to 4 pools of $300. We're going to use this wiki page to accept proposals to vote on what you want to do with the money. This can include shop improvements, tool purchases, anything that boosts shop moral (and is legal in the state of Alabama). Add your proposal to this page so that all will know. Make sure it includes a deadline of when this project will be completed and a detailed explanation of what you plan to do with one of the $300 pools. Feel free to include multiple proposals, but make sure they're ones that you and other named members can carry out. Each proposal should cover who, what, when, where and why.

You're encouraged to vote for the four (4) best proposals. Add your name to the Votes line for no more than four (4) proposals. Money will be allocated at the September monthly meeting.


Floor The Library

  • Who: Tim and Phil
  • What: Purchase and install 18 sheets of 23/32 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. OSB Tongue and Groove Flooring Board to continue reinforcing the loft floor.
  • When: September 15th. Fallback date of September 1st.
  • Where: Library area
  • Why: This is necessary to prevent injury at the shop, and improve compliance with building codes.
  • How Much: At $15.77 each, 18 sheets is $306.57 with tax. The remaining money will be shook out of the couch.
  • Votes: crashcartpro, EnabrinTain, ramgarden, tylercrumpton, omegix

Spot Cooling

  • Who: Jeff and Phil and Anyone
  • What: Purchase enough materials to make at least two "portable" air conditioners at the shop.
  • When: Within 2 weeks
  • Where: One to go in the entryway, and one on a rolling cart to move to tables as needed.
  • Why: When we have groups of people in the office the air conditioner can't keep up, particularly if we're trying to cool the entryway. On the main floor the tables are sweltering at times.
  • How Much:
Item Cost Use
Window Units Free Cools air
Rolling Cart $80 Makes Spot cooling portable
Wood or flashing $50 To enclose the heat exchanger
Ducting $75 Providing an exhaust path
Blowers\Exhaust Fans (like the one for the fablab) $120 run air over the heat exchanger and out through the ducting
Total $325 (extra to be paid by Jeff Cotten)
  • Votes: omegix

Shop Heaters

  • Who: Everyone?
  • What: Purchase 1 to 3 dish type electric heaters to place in the main shop area to focus heat on a table or area you'll be working on a project. Examples: and
  • When: Any time before the weather starts getting cold again!
  • Where: Main shop area
  • Why: Health concerns from running the oil burning heater indoors without ventilation.
  • How Much: At around $87.99 each we can get 3 for $263.97 with free shipping.
  • Votes: ramgarden, omegix

Big Shop Heater

  • Who: Everyone?
  • What: Purchase 1 or 2 giant electric shop/work site heater to place in the main shop area to heat the area. Example: However at 4000 watts this might run the power bill up too high? Thoughts?
  • When: Any time before the weather starts getting cold again!
  • Where: Main shop area
  • Why: Health concerns from running the oil burning heater indoors without ventilation.
  • How Much: At around $149.95 each we can get 2 for $299.90 with free shipping.
  • Votes: ramgarden

Mobile Shop Cam Robot

  • Who: Candleknight & anyone he can rope into helping
  • What: Build (or buy) a video enabled, internet controlled, mobile robot.
    • Camera feed and robot control would be web based, so anyone could log in from anywhere and roam around the shop from the robot's point of view.
    • Would have a "home base" that would be it's default location as well as an automatic charging station.
    • Cat doors would be installed on the shop's internal doors to give robot free roam of the entire shop
    • Here are some examples to give you a general idea of what we would be building/looking for.
  • When: 3-8 weeks after proposal acceptance.
  • Where: Whole shop
  • Why: Improve morale. General awesomeness.
  • How Much: Two to five hundred dollars, with the difference to be covered by Candleknight and any other participating parties.
  • Votes: Candleknight