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This is a set of rules to abide by when using facilities of Makers Local 256, as mentioned in the bylaws.

If someone is not abiding by these rules, please mention it to them. If you don't feel comfortable doing this or they persist, please notify the Board at

General Rules

These apply to all facilities of Makers Local 256 including the IRC channel, the mailing list(s), the physical space, and all others.

  1. Respect members and guests alike.
    • Constructive criticism is welcome, destructive criticism is not.
    • Off-color conversations are a gray area. Know whether the people around you are OK with it and act accordingly.
  2. Respect the projects and property of members and guests alike.
  3. Respect the property of Makers Local 256.

Physical Space

These rules pertain specifically to the physical space.

  1. Clean up after yourself.
    • This includes the area(s) you were using, tools, and any food/drink mess you may have made.
    • Put away your project (if possible) if you won't be back until tomorrow.
  2. Guests may not use power tools UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  3. A member may only use power tools if an other person (member or guest) is present.
  4. If you are the last one to leave, make sure the Shop Checklist is taken care of.

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