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Note on the inventory; once we know how much we have and what we need, perhaps we can have members donate materials we need instead of paying money. The ultimate goal is to have an organized shop that always has common items and materials in stock for projects. This will free up resources for members since they will not have to buy common stock for themselves and can therefore donate more money to the shop. Also, it will help speed projects along since project material will be on-site and ready to go. Futhermore, when we implement the business plan to sell kits of what we make, the make shop will have to turn part kit factory/store. That will require us to be well-organized and well-stocked. --Spacefelix 16:01, 27 January 2010 (CST)

Several Shop Issues To Address

  1. Shop Cleanliness, Space & Equipment - Being dealt with
  2. Shop Organization - Cleanup day on 2/6 will be the start of an effort to keep the storeroom and our equipment & materials organized. This is where an organized shop that is stocked with common items, materials and equipment for public use comes in handy.
  3. Shop Funds - When we have a ready and operating shop, we can address the issue of increasing our income with business opportunities; e.g. equipment sales, selling kits and goods, etc.. This is a lower priority than the other two because we are currently cash flow neutral and the success and operation of any business plan highly depends on the first two being firmly in place.

--Spacefelix 17:07, 27 January 2010 (CST)

Suggestion: There should be a posted sign near the entrance to the building indicating that video recording is in progress (the webcam). If a visitor comes to the building, not indicating that they are on camera could open the shop to liability. --PsychoAU 23:22, 18 March 2010 (CDT)