Tuesday Night Feasts

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Tuesday Night Feasts


Our kitchen can be difficult to work in. We need to upgrade it. The better kitchen we have, the better events we can put on which means better revenue. In order to fund these upgrades we will be cooking a meal at Tuesday night open houses. Profits from this food will go toward the kitchen fund. Kitchen Improvements Page

Your overall budget goal should be about $20.

Cooking Sign-Up Dates

Name - Food Served

  • 6/25/2013 - Phil - Cooked Chicken Vegies over Brown Rice: Fed 6 people, Raised $15
  • 7/2/2013 - Greg - Aporkalypse Mac 'n Cheese, Spinach Salad: Fed Many, Raised $63
  • 7/9/2013 - Kirstin - Baked Ziti, Snickerdoodles: Fed 21 people, Raised $77