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  • Carputer -- Putting a computer in my car to take the place of the headunit. Will control music, GPS, engine diagnostics among other things
    • Status: I have the audio components, will have to save up to get the computer gear.
  • MAME Light Gun -- Convert a console Light Gun into a MAME compatible one
    • Status: Completed. Guncons worked great. No painting required.
  • Project Icarus -- Put a camera and a GPS tracker attached to a weather balloon to take pictures of the earth from Near Space. Project Icarus
    • Status: On hold for now. Need money to buy supplies.
  • Microwave Kane -- Pirate TV station which should initially get a range of around 5 miles eventually up to a max of 10 miles.
    • Status: Abandoned TV transmitter idea for now and have posted videos on instead
  • DIY UAV Drone -- Automated RC Plane which will ultimately fly from Decatur to Huntsville on it's own and auto land at a certain spot.
    • Status: On hold. I have the airframe, but sold the automated electronics for now.
  • -- My first crack at making a Thumbnail Gallery Page (TGP) (aka Pr0n Site)
    • Status: Got the site launched, but never figured out how to get traffic. Site is stagnate at this point.
  • Internet LED Sign -- Idea for rigging an LED display sign to a server which would accept messages from web visitors for display on the sign in the shop.
    • Status: Got it connected and working. Recently upgraded to Windows 7 and haven't put the webcam software back in, yet.
  • ABAP Development -- I am so fed up with Software QA. I need to change careers, so I need to learn ABAP development (which is the development piece of SAP)
    • Status: On Hold for now.