2010 Huntsville Hamfest

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Note: This page is for archival purposes. The locations and times listed are outdated.

2010 Huntsville Hamfest

The Huntsville Hamfest is August 21-22. This would be an excellent opportunity to get rid of our surplus equipment and make some cash on the side.


Since all of the tables in the flea market have been taken we will have to do a "mobile table". What I propose is having people walking around advertising our items with signs on their backs/backpacks. When someone inquires about it we can let them browse a list with prices.

  • What I need:
  1. List of items
  2. List of suggested price for items (leave wiggle room for negotiations).
  3. ML256 pamphlets/business cards to hand out to interested folks
  4. A catchy name/slogan ie. "Makers Salvage" to advertise with.

Deadline- August 1, 2010

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