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JimShoe has graciously set up Makers Local 256 as a Hackerspace Reseller with Adafruit Industries. This means that we can get a reasonable discount, but we have to buy in excess of $250.

Personal Costs

Member Total w/Shipping Savings Paid
Bendersgame $89.10 $13.05 X
Brimstone $36.75 $3.9 X
Korc $67.20 $8.95 X
Mog $39.15 $7.5 X
Omegix $16.05 $1.6 X
Opticron $19.20 $1.95 X
Ratmandu $110.35 $2.2 X
Spacefelix $17.40 $1.75
Total $395.2 $40.9

Current Order

If you want to get an item listed here, add your name and quantity. If you want to add an item to the order not listed here, start the list with a link and JimShoe will get us the discounted pricing for it.