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  • What: Time with Preauxphoto
  • Who: Anyone
  • When: MWF after 7 or Sat early
    • After we get to 7 people, we can confirm a time.
  • Where: The shop
  • Why: Brimstone wants an RBBB and needs help soldering it

People interested

We need at least 10 people to make it worth wild. Add your names and times you could make it below:

  • Brimstone
    • Any time is fine, just need notice
  • Omegix
    • Any time is fine, just need notice
  • poiupoiu
    • Not Mondays, prefer Saturdays
  • strages
    • Any time is fine. I'm at the shop most days anyways.

Need to bring

  • $8 to cover RBBB cost
  • soldering iron
  • solder wick