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About The Class

Who? Enabrintain (Phil)

When? Noon until 6(or 3 depending if we get sidetracked), on Saturday June 12.

Where? @ the Maker's Local

Why? I've head that there was some interest.

What To Bring

You only need to bring yourself. I'll bring the makings and equipment.

What Will Be Taught

When I teach classes I like them to be in the "conversational style" not the "lecture style" (because I'm lazy) So basically I'll be brewing and talking about brewing. I'll be doing an All Grain brew which means we start from malted barley and go from there. It takes longer that extract brewing but is even cheaper. (you'll never look at store bought beer the same when you know what the markup is.)

Be prepared though, home-brewing is mostly waiting. (e.g. first you heat up the water and then you wait 90 minutes, then you pour the wort through the grain, then you boil the wort for an hour, etc...)

Other Stuff

If anyone is interested, I'll also bring the carbonation rig so we can carbonate random liquids.

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