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How to brew your own homebrew soda. It's a lot easier, cleaner, and quicker to produce than an alcoholic beverage. It only takes two days to test a prototype soda recipe. Mental Note - Protocola is a good soda name.


I just wanted to remind everybody we're planning on brewing soda this Friday, October 9 starting at 6. I've found a new method using dry ice that'll only take an hour to carbonate our drinks, so we can enjoy the bubbly nectar of our labor that evening!


  • Water - tap is fine
  • Yeast
  • Clean plastic containers
  • Bottle capper
  • Measuring cups
  • Funnel
  • Soda Ingredients - see next section
  • Bottle brush


Soda recipes are wide and varied, and readily available through a google search. Here's some websites to look at-

Preauxphoto knows a lot more about this than me, and can suggest great links.

There's a ton of cheap stuff that's easy to find. Ginger, cinnamon, white or brown sugar, sasafras, soda extract, honey, maple syrup, the list goes on.

Here are some ginger ale recipes:


Sanitize your bottles - could get sick later, or just make the soda taste bad. Heat a quart of water - not to boil, just warm. Add ingredients, stir, and let simmer for 30 minutes Have another quart of water at room temperature - add yeast and stir. Add two quarts of water too the ingredient mixture, to bring it to room temperature, stir to distribute ingredients. Once new mixture is at room temperature, add yeast water. Pour mix into new larger, sealable container. Use a bottle capper to seal it tight. Let sit at room temperature for about 36 hours. Unseal

*If the soda is weak, let it sit longer.  If it's still weak after 3 days, add more yeast.
*If soda is just right, then refrigerate immediately to stop yeast from carbonating further.
*If soda is flat after 3 days, you can add more yeast and try again, or pour it out and feel sad.

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