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Lost and Found

  • Lost and found is for Personal Property.
    • Shop property, tools, and materials from hackables don't go in L&F, they get put away.
  • There are 2 and a half shelves in the Hackables Area that are devoted to L&F.
  • They are clearly marked.
  • Things in L&F are not fair game.
    • They are personal property that was left out and needs to be taken home.
  • The L&F shelves are split into 3 Staging areas.

The Lost and Found Process

  1. An item has been found that is personal property and is unmarked and unknown! It belongs in L&F! Put it in the "WEEK ONE shelf!
  2. Each Tuesday, Facilities Committee members will go up and move things from the Week One shelf to the Week Two shelf.
  3. Things in the Week Two shelf will go to the Week Three shelf.
  4. Things in the Week Three shelf will be disbursed.
  5. Disbursal means that an item will either go into Hackables, be thrown away, or stored in Phil's garage, in the case of property who's value demands it needs longer time for waiting for the owner to claim it.